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We’re a friendly, inspired group of creative thinkers and strategists, storytellers and visual artists who offer a full range of marketing and creative services, minus the red tape.

We’re committed to delivering tailored marketing and creative solutions that make it possible for businesses of all shapes and sizes to grow a calculable return on investment.

At Brando, we believe your problems are ours to solve with fresh, switched-on thinking and smart, brave work that joins all the dots, so that you (and your customers) don’t need to.

Business moves fast, and you need to make stuff happen. We get it! That’s why we put in the time and effort to deliver fast turnarounds, so you’re not caught short waiting on creative for weeks. 

On-brand, on-message and on time.

Matthew L. Paul


Matthew L. Paul is the Founder & Principal of Brando Strategy & Creative.  His journey through the startup
world has shaped his perspective on business and marketing, inspiring him to establish Brando.


Driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to simplify the creative process, Matthew founded Brando Strategy + Creative. 

With a team of like-minded thinkers and artists, Brando fosters a collaborative environment dedicated to crafting tailored marketing solutions.


Matthew is committed to delivering timely solutions without compromising on quality, ensuring clients never face lengthy waits for work.

Seeking to reimagine the traditional agency model, focusing on practical, effective strategies rather than flashy sales pitches. 

Every challenge is met with thoughtful, strategic thinking aimed at driving genuine growth and success for clients in today's ever-changing market.


+64 27 403 6880



We believe that our greatest contribution to the industry lies in how we treat each other, our clients and the people we’re trying to reach. Respecting and acknowledging each other’s perspectives helps strengthen our collective impact in the world.


We're unafraid to try new ways to create meaningful and long-lasting work. We strive to be agile and responsive, and we thrive on working on challenges that appear insurmountable.


We believe that the best way to create real customer connections is by identifying the brand's most innate, human truths. Simplicity is the north star for creative that reaches millions, yet seems to speak only to you.


One thing we do know is that we don't know everything.  We believe that our best work comes from unlearning what we think we know by challenging our own assumptions and being open to challenges from others.

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